All About Hair Removal

What is Laser?

Laser is the use of light (photons) to accomplish permanent hair reduction.  The particles of light penetrate the skin.  Dark pigment of the hair absorbs the photons and converts it to heat.  The heat then destroys the germ cells in the hair follicle responsible for hair growth.

How is it accomplished?

Hair removal with laser or intense pulse light needs pigmented hairs present below the skin to absorb the heat generated from the photons.  The heat absorbed by the pigmentation of the hair color cauterizes the germ cells hindering hair growth.  The area to be treated should be shaved very close.  A conduction gel is applied.  The intense pulses of light are passed over the skin with the hand piece.  Multiple treatments are required to achieve maximum permanence in ones hair reduction.  After the hair has been reduced and one can’t achieve any more results from the laser – electrolysis can follow and finish destroying the hair’s life source, permanently.

Laser- Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction. It is a fast an effective method treating a larger area with one pulse, unlike electrolysis which treats single hairs.

One should expect 6 – 8 treatments approximately every 6 weeks. Depending on the area treated, a client could need a few more treatments or even less.  However, you should start noticing significant reduction after your 3rd session.

The ideal candidate has light skin and dark hair.  The laser targets the melanin in the hairs converting it to heat destroying the hair’s life source in the hair follicle.  Blonde and gray hairs are very hard to treat using laser making electrolysis a great alternative. 

Treatments should not be painful.  A client should feel heat with a slight snap. 

No.  At Electrology Laser Clinic the customer is our top priority.  There is no obligation. We have found clients like to pay each session and not prepay for unknown results.  Our objective is for you, the client, to be satisfied. 

Yes, we ask everyone to shave the treated area. Do not apply any lotions or deodorant prior to coming in the office.  Also, wear white or light colored clothing to reflect the light.  Water soluble ultrasound gel is put on the skin to keep it from burning.

Some side effects might include:

  • Slight skin irritation: itchiness, redness, or discomfort.  This is completely normal and will go down in a few hours.
  • Skiin pigment change
    • Your skin might become lighter or darker in the treated area. Again, this should go down in a few hours.
  • Slight swelling in the treated area: use ice compresses as needed. 
  • Try not to use any over the counter lotions or creams for a two days after treatments to help with skin irritation.
  • Try to stay away from any internal or external heat
    • For example: saunas, hot tubs, hot ovens, steam or heavy exercises that could cause perspiration
  • Do not use tanning salons or tanning beds
  • Do not layout in the direct sun after treatment.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Always wear a high SPF sunscreen every time you are in the sun.

No, we cannot preform laser on any pregnant or breast feeding women. Before every laser treatment we ask you sign a wavier stating your medical history has not changed.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrology is the science being used since 1875 of permanent hair removal. State-of-the-art technology has vastly improved the procedure.  However, the basic philosophy remains: treating the hair follicle one-by-one to eliminate the germinating cells responsible for hair growth.

How is it accomplished?

The individual hair follicle is being treated by inserting a very fine probe into its natural opening. A small amount of chemical or heat energy is then applied to destroy the hair growth cells.  This process destroys the regenerative ability of the hair follicle thus permanently eliminating the ability of the hair to grow.  Each hair follicle requires several treatments to completely destroy the potential for hair regrowth.  However, each individual is different and results vary.


Electrolysis- Frequently Asked Questions

Electrolysis has been around since 1875.  It is the only method approved by the FDA for true permanent removal of unwanted hair.  Regardless of the cause (heredity, metabolic, or hormonal conditions) electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair to reveal a glowing, confident you.

This is a tough question to answer because it varies between each client.  The amount of hair, methods used prior to electrolysis, genetics, hormones, nutrition, and health play a role in the time it takes of the destruction of germ cell.  I tell all my clients to expect a minimum of 18 months to 2 years per area. 

Waxed or tweezed areas take longer to treat than areas that have just been shaved. Each individual hair must be treated multiple times for the hair follicle to be permanently destroyed. 

Each modality is equally effective for destroying hair growth cells.

  • Galvanic is a chemical process.
    • The electric current causes the skin’s salt and water to breakdown and produce lye causing a chemical reaction in the hair follicle eliminating the hair growth cells.
  • Thermolysis or short-wave produces heat.  
    • It deprives the germinating cells of needed moisture.
  • The blend method combines galvanic current with thermolysis current.
    • Thermolysis heats up the chemical reaction in the follicle destroying hair growth cells.

Electrolysis works on all skin types, hair types, skin color, hair color, and areas of the body.  If you have unwanted hair, electrolysis could be your answer.

Electrolysis should not be painful. Some areas for example, the upper lip, are more sensitive than others.  However, I have topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort you might experience. 

Treatments range from about 15 minutes to more than an hour. This is all depending on the amount of hair in the area being treated. 

This also varies between clients.  I see some clients once a week, while some once a month. As the hair breaks down your appointments become further and further apart for less time. 

There is very little risk of complications when preformed by a skilled professional. however, side effects include:

  • Slight skin irritation: itchiness, redness, or discomfort.  This is completely normal and will go down in a few hours.
    • You might see what looks likes bubbles under the skin. Again, this should go down within a few hours
  • Slight swelling in the treated area: use ice compresses as needed. 

We recommend applying aloe vera immediately after treatment to help any redness from the electrolysis.  Also, apply a solution of Epsom salts and warm water to the treated area as needed for 3 days. This aids the healing process. 

  • Try to avoid any any activity that could irritate the hair follicles for the first 24 hours such as:
    • Excessive sweating
    • Tanning 
    • Prolonged sun exposure 
    • Make-up applications 
    • Harsh creams or scrubs 
    • Deodorant
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Always wear a high SPF sunscreen every time you are in the sun.

Yes, electrolysis can be performed on any normal skin including pregnant women. We suggest you seek the advice of your physician before beginning treatments.