Covid-19 Procedures

We are doing our best to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our clients and employees. Please help us by adhering to the following requirements:

  • Have not traveled by public transportation the past two weeks.
  • Have not been sick or anyone in your home has been sick in the last month. 
  • Have not been in contact or visited/shopped where  COVID-19 cases have been reported in the past month. 
  • You are not high risk or have anyone in your home that is high risk. 
  • You feel well and do not have any illness symptons two days prior and day of the appointment.
  • You have not run a fever, had a cough, difficulty breathing, feeling run down or any other COVID 19 symptoms in the past two weeks.
  • You are practicing social distancing.
  • We ask you to wear a mask into the building and during the procedure if possible.  We will instruct you to remove your mask if necessary. 
  • Please check your temperature before your appointment.  We will have you sign a waiver and acknowledgement of COVID procedures/practices.  We will ask you to rinse your mouth with the provided mouth rinse.  
  • *MOST IMPORTANT*  Please enter the building in your mask and proceed to the waiting area.  (The waiting area has been moved to the end of the hall.)   We will be thoroughly cleaning between each appointment so we ask you to wait  in the waiting area until we come get you.  Thanks.
  • We will not be offering any numbing products.  However, we do have individual tubes of topicaine for sale.