Electrology  Laser Clinic not only offers the best solutions for permanent hair removal, our services expand to so much more.  We offer body contouring, skin tightening, acne reduction, hyperpigmentation, cellulite reduction, and the list continues.  Come see us we have something for everyone. 

Feel confident in your skin again!


Viora’s V-FORM offers fast, non-invasive, and proven treatments to shape, tone, and tighten the body from head-to-toe. Get the safe and affordable body contouring treatments you want without surgery, downtime, or discomfort.

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Viora V-ST treatments have the power to change the way you look and feel about your skin. Whether the cause of your sagging skin and wrinkles is due to time, genetics, gravity or sun damage. Viora’s RF skin tightening treatments can make a difference.

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Our Viora V-IPL offers superior treatments for the most requested skin conditions. Get industry leading anti-aging and corrective improvements with minimal downtime or discomfort.

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Read what others are saying about us…

“I have felt reassured and fully informed with Joan from our very first meeting.  She is highly competent, taking pride in having both continuing education and good equipment. Joan is honest, telling her clients how long they can anticipate treatments before seeing long term results.  If you keep faithfully to her suggested schedule, then you will see it works.  I also appreciate that Joan cares about having a pleasant atmosphere and keeping you as comfortable as possible during and after treatments.  Joan has really helped me, and she has my enthusiastic recommendation. ”
Renee K.
“I had considered laser hair removal for my face, but I’m so glad I chose electrolysis with Joan. I have been very impressed with Joan’s professionalism and skill. She carefully explains the process and methods used, and she takes care not to overwork the skin. My results have been fantastic! I’m pleased to fully recommend Electrolysis Laser Clinic to anyone considering permanent hair removal.”
“I have done laser treatments on my underarms, bikini, and legs with Electrology Laser Clinic and truly seen results.  Joan and Sue are very professional and easy to work with.  They are flexible with my schedule do whatever they can to see me.  I also have done electrolysis and my eyebrows are almost completely done. I haven’t plucked in YEARS! Best decision I have ever made for myself!”
“Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing Joan and Sue are with the Electrology Laser Clinic. In fact, I don’t ever write reviews but for them, I asked them if I could write a review because I want everyone to know how beyond amazing they are! If you have any unwanted hair that you wish to rid, I HIGHLY recommend you come to Joan and Sue for electrolysis and laser treatments because they are not in this business for the money but desire to bring relief and confidence back to those who have to live with unwanted hair. Their commitment to help is astounding! They are willing to work around your schedule and needs to the point that when I could only come on certain days and after a certain time, every time they made it work. I have even gotten the wrong date for the appointment and they still did not turn me away!! They also have gone above and beyond to ensure I received a treatment even though not scheduled like right before I had a job interview or when I had unexpected travel plans. They are honest, supportive, dependable, knowledgeable, skilled, and genuine women who have blessed me beyond belief. I have absolutely no complaints and nothing but praise and thanks to them for everything they have done for me.”
Haleigh H.
“Hello Joan, Each Time I visit you…I feel rejuvenated.  When I leave my confidence soars.  Thank you for making me feel beautiful from the inside out. My husband thanks you too for beautifying my face thus creating me – a whole person. Many Thanks.”
“I’ve been meaning to write for so long.  The problem was every time I thought about what I was going to write the only thing that came to mind that I wanted to say is that I am soooooo happy.  I am so happy when I look in the mirror, when I touch my face, and I can let other people touch my face.  I feel so good.  We are getting to the end of my treatments which is wonderful.  I can’t say it was easy but I am glad I stuck with it and I would do it again for these results.
I want to thank Joan for making me feel comfortable from the very first visit.  You are lovely and generous person and it has been a pleasure spending time with you. Thank you for all you have done for me.”
“It is my honor and privilege to commend and recommend Joan Paucke as a unique, exceptional and professional person and electrologist. She is dedicated and devoted to her profession and committed to serving her clients. You can be assed that you will be in the very best of care with Joan Paucke as your electrologist.”
Voncille V. BurdetteCertified Professional Electrologist, Certified Instructor; Atlanta School of Electrology, Owner and Instructor; Georgia Electrology Association, President

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