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Say no to Your Razor!

With Electrolysis and Laser hair removal you can finally be free of your unwanted hair! At Electrology Laser Clinic, we offer both Electrolysis and Laser hair removal.  We are here to help achieve your desired results. 

Our New Services


Viora’s V-FORM offers fast, non-invasive, and proven treatments to shape, tone, and tighten the body from head-to-toe. Get the safe and affordable body contouring treatments you want without surgery, downtime, or discomfort.


Viora V-ST treatments have the power to change the way you look and feel about your skin. Whether the cause of your sagging skin and wrinkles is due to time, genetics, gravity or sun damage. Viora’s RF skin tightening treatments can make a difference.


Our Viora V-IPL offers superior treatments for the most requested skin conditions. Get industry leading anti-aging and corrective improvements with minimal downtime or discomfort.

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